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  2. "I shall hear in heaven."
    — Beethoven’s last words

  3. stop


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  4. "First love is unrequited ultimately because it’s so huge. It’s such an act of giving and it requires so much back that it can never be given back. It’s like an atom bomb…It’s all the energy of who you are and who you want to be and what you love and what you hope to be explodes. It is impossible for a single…human being to offer that back to you in a mutual way."
    — Stephen Fry

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  5. They come in the early morning to take what you stole: hooded
    Extremists? Maybe
    But so it goes: an eye for an eye

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  6. "Tell those girls with rifles for minds
    That their jokes don’t make me laugh
    They only make me feel like dying
    In the unguarded moment"
    — the Church

  7. that twang

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  8. Letting go

  9. To walk unencumbered


  10. This was swell live

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  11. "Truth sits upon the lips of dying men."
    — Matthew Arnold
  13. Cold mornings in Auckland

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  15. I usually despise electronic renditions of classical pieces, yet hearing this version of my favourite piece of music has warmed me to the idea with its eerily dystopian imagery (particularly the introduction).

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